Growing up in country Victoria, Dr Andrea Hudek was involved in Athletics. She loved the sprints, but her pet event was the hurdles. Unfortunately with hurdles, you quite commonly knock them with your trailing leg and as a result she developed right hip pain. Over the years Andrea had tried all variety of therapists. It was Chiropractic that got her back on the running track. From this experience, Andrea knew Chiropractic was the career she wanted to follow.

Dr Hudek trained at RMIT Melbourne, graduating in 2000. In 2003 Andrea completed a 2 year post-graduate study course in Animal Chiropractic.

During mid 2003, Dr Hudek worked in Kununurra for 6 weeks covering a maternity leave. Andrea fell in love with the Kimberley region. On her return back to Melbourne, Andrea packed up everything to make her move back up to the north of Australia.

Her Commitment

Dr Andrea Hudek is passionate and dedicated to finding the right chiropractic health care solutions for you and your family. As a family centred practice she sees many ages from newborns, teens to the elderly. Andrea is constantly amazed by the results her clients get by implementing chiropractic principles and a more natural life-style – it’s usually the simple changes that create the most profound results (add this exercise, cut that activity out and so on). Andrea is a passionate advocate for a pro-active approach to health – prevention is better than cure.

We are dedicated to working with you and your family to obtain optimal health.

Pearl Coast Chiropractic Advantage

At Pearl Coast Chiropractic we use a variety of chiropractic methods including manual adjustments, drop piece, SOT blocks, activator, dry needling (a form of acupuncture), soft tissue massage and Rock Tape strapping.

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