We specialise in combining Chiropractic, Dry Needling (Acupuncture) and some soft tissue work (massage) because we understand the vital relationship between your spine, your nervous system and your total health and wellness.

There are hundreds of ways of using carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore better movement to a subluxated (‘stuck’ or fixated) joint. At Pearl Coast Chiropractic we tailor your treatment plan specifically to you. We all heal and recover differently so your plan is specialised to your presenting condition.


After identifying restricted movement in one or more spinal bones, a specific manual thrust is administered. It involves a short-lever, high-velocity movement with specific contact on the spine. The direction, speed, depth and angle that are used is the result of years of experience, practice and a thorough understanding of spinal mechanics.

The energy delivered during the thrust may produce a slight “popping” sound from the shifting of gas and fluids in the joint. This sound may be interesting, but is not a guide as to the value or effectiveness of the adjustment.

It is practiced by the majority of chiropractors worldwide.


With this adjusting technique, individual cushions or drop pieces located along our adjusting table, support each area of your spine until the thrust is delivered, at which point the drop-piece gently gives way, reducing the amount of energy needed to produce movement of a specific spinal segment.


The Adjusting Instrument is a handheld spring-loaded tool that delivers a consistent low-force, high-speed thrust, making adjustments comfortable and effective, especially for children and the elderly. The Activator is one of the most popular low force Chiropractic techniques in the world.


Sacro-Occipital-Technique focuses on the patterns and relationship between the cranium (occiput) and the pelvis (sacrum). To obtain adjustments it utilises pelvic blocking, gentle spinal pressure, and cranial releases to restore normal neurological control and dural tension to the body systems.


This table has a fulcrum at the lumbar spine that permits the effective administration of flexion distraction and decompression of the lumbar spine.

The goal of flexion distraction is to stimulate the healing of spinal disc injuries, reduce pain, restore function and ultimately to avoid spinal surgery.

Flexion distraction is appropriate for conditions causing low back and leg pain.

It can help to reduce pain associated with the following conditions:

  • disc herniation/ protrusion / prolapse/ sciatica
  • facet syndrome
  • spinal stenosis
  • spondylolisthesis
  • spinal degeneration
  • Post-surgical back pain
  • other conditions


We incorporate some massage into most of our treatment plans. Massage aids in the relaxation of muscles to help the body’s response to adjustments and ease chronic muscle spasm


All too frequently, injuries (both past and present), introduce faulty muscular, postural and motems for total recovery and stabilisation. Naturally, we work within your body limits and customise the exercises to help you achieve your desired goals.vement patterns that the body retains within its neurological framework (brain programs). Once stable, we incorporate rehabilitation exercises into your treatment program.


Unlike traditional athletic tape that binds and doesn’t stretch, Rocktape is engineered to mimic the human skin. This stretchiness is the secret behind Rocktape.

Rocktape is used to help reduce swelling, pain and tightness and stiffness. And also delay the  onset of muscle fatigue and cramp

When applied properly, Rocktape lifts the skin away from the muscle, which promotes positive changes in the bodies fluid, mechanical and neurological systems.  Commonly people wearing Rocktape report less pain, swelling and tightness, greater awareness of the area and later onset of fatigue.

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